Metropolitan art

A new path of creating 3D collage art

Swanet Muskee has recently started a new way of making art. In this new way of art, she uses visual elements which she combined which different kind of paint, fabrics and even crystal stones. Each collage started with a photograph that inspired her. The features that stand for this art are real jewels and gold leaf, which are incorporated into the artwork. 

Each collage contains a special message that Swanet wants to convey. While creating these artworks, she surrenders herself completely. Apart from choosing her base photo, she lets everything happen at the moment of creation. She lets herself guide by her thoughts and inspirations she feels at that moment. This makes each piece unique with its own story. 

Currently, Swanet plans to continue in this art and combine it with her other projects. Stay tuned for more information on these new amazing works!

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