Metropolitan art

MASTERS EXPO | The colourfull editon 2022

Swanet Muskee Metropolitan Art creates powerful and exclusive works of art. Her art can be found worldwide in places like Paris, Dubai and London. Through her bold way of creating art, each object reflects Swanet’s creative uniqueness. This will also be reflected in her collection shown at MASTERS EXPO.

The luxury and rich look of crystals are central to all her creations. She also uses materials such as leather, chrome and epoxy. Each object she makes has its own story and emotion, which is why all handmade artworks are authentic.

Visit Swanet Muskee Metropolitan Art at MASTERS EXPO. From December 8 to 12 in RAI Amsterdam: MASTERS EXPO – The Colourful Edition. 

Ticket sales for MASTERS EXPO 2022 have begun. Order here your tickets.

Name: Swanet Muskee Metropolitan Art 

Category: Art and Design

Hall: 11

Booth number: 460

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