Metropolitan art

Your mind is given the freedom to wander

Swanet Muskee’s work is a reflection of her thoughts and their essence. Each object has a unique story, resulting in powerful and exclusive works of art. As you look at and surrender to her art, your mind is given the freedom to wander. “So random that it’s beautiful” could come to mind when admiring Swanet’s art. However, looking more closely, you will discover and feel every unique story conveyed in her work. These stories are invisible but detectable. The realistic figures you see in her work are transformed into mythical creations through the use of novel materials and attributes, giving them a second life and bringing back their beauty, making her work pure magic.

Swanet is able to see the beauty in everything, even when the beauty is still uncovered. This means that the foundation of her art is made up of old and already existing objects, which are transformed into new luxury works of art. In her art, there are no boundaries, and the creation of extraordinary artworks is her way of telling a story. This creative process has shaped her as a person and become a way of life for her. Even at a young age, Swanet had the urge to convey her creative and eccentric way of thinking into art. However, she lived in a world where she experienced limits to her dreams, and she had to meet the expectations of others, because straying from them would have been reckless. This only strengthened her resolve to find out what was possible and to transcend these limits. As a result, she decided to separate herself from the crowd and follow her own unique path. This led her to become an artist without limits producing art that often pushes viewers to the edge. Her strength to think beyond the possible makes Swanet Muskee authentic.

Throughout her life, Swanet’s greatest passion has been to explore the world in its roughest forms. This passion has taken her to places all over the world and become her greatest inspiration for her art. The colors of nature, the light of the sun, and the diverse colors used in street art have given her inspiration. Nature is also her greatest source of strength, and the smell of the earth after rain, the sea between the horizon and the coast, and the serene calmness of the forest give her peace.

Swanet is grateful that later in her life, she is still able to pursue her greatest passion of making art, which she likes to share with the people around her. Through sharing is how she was able to set up a successful art brand run by her whole family. She speaks with pride about her art brand, which has grown into a family business, because family is also one of the most important aspects of her life. Swanet is looking forward to all the beautiful artworks and projects that she will create in the future.

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Swanet Muskee

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